Chef Network Survey Policy

Chef Network accepts and allows the posting of surveys for research purposes. It is necessary that any surveys posted by chefs on the discussion forum adhere to the following policy: 


  • Surveys must be posted from the Chef Network account of the person conducting the research. You may not post surveys on behalf of another person and/or party.


  • Surveys must be posted to the existing ‘chefs survey’ thread only on the Chef Network members forum.


  • Surveys posted must include: a short blurb - saying who you are, what the research is for and how the data will be used.


  • Surveys posted to the site are not allowed to request member data, (i.e., the anonymous function must be switched on for all surveys), and surveys are not permitted to request respondent, name, address, place of work or email addresses.


  • Survey topic(s) must be relevant to chefs and their profession and in line with the mission and objectives of Chef Network.


  • Please do share you survey results/conclusions with the community or indeed, your finished project with the members of the network. This will allow members to see the results.

- The Chef Network Team