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By Mark Anderson posted 20-07-2017 14:48

We at Gather&Gather were truly delighted to host the recent Chef Network #KitchenCulture event with our colleagues at LinkedIn. Working with LinkedIn has been a really exciting journey so far for Gather&Gather and we are really proud of what we have achieved with them. 

At the event, as well as having a great discussion amongst chefs about improving the culture in our professional kitchens and a presentation on Chef Network’s future plans and partnership opportunities, we had a presentation from LinkedIn themselves with tips for chefs on using their LinkedIn profile. 

LinkedIn is quite under-used by chefs and the restaurant sector generally I believe. I keep my LinkedIn profile pretty up-to-date and post to the network pretty regularly and I have to say I find it a really useful platform, especially to connect with a more commercial/professional audience. You know what they say “if you keep doing the same thing, you keep getting the same results” so might be worth getting on LinkedIn, getting your profile up-to-date, and sharing some content to potentially reach an entirely new audience.  
LinkedIn sent on some details after the event to follow up on their presentation, so we thought it would be worthwhile sharing with you all here 

Presentation at LinkedIn Dublin - Chef Network 

ore than 500 million people have already joined LinkedIn – and two new members are signing up each second - so if you haven't created a profile already, what are you waiting for?


  • The first step is easy, but makes a huge difference – just upload a profile picture! Members love to see who they’re connecting with, and putting a face with the name on your profile makes it more approachable and engaging. Plus, adding a photo will increase the number of messages and profile views you receive – a photo makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed. 

    2. SKILLS

  • Add your Industry and Skills – It is essential to choose the right industry when creating your profile, as it enables prospective employers and peers to find you. Then, add a list of your skills. Members with at least 5 skills listed are found up to 27 times more by recruiters. Your skills don’t have to relate directly to your title, either – if you’re talented at public speaking or photography, include those, too – you never know when those skills will come in handy. 


  • Add more information – your skills and abilities are only one indication of your accomplishment. List your education history and degrees, awards you’ve won, volunteer groups you’re involved in, languages you speak, and interests you have. The more detail included  the more impressive your profile looks and the more attention it will generate. 


  • Ensure that your job history is up-to-date – this will provide further details as to what you’re capable of, and can indicate to recruiters whether you’d be interested in a new position.

    5. CONNECT

  • Connect with others – build your LinkedIn network by connecting with other users. You can connect with your peers, coworkers, friends and bosses, and so create a professional online network. Promote endorsements and use invitations to create further connections with other Linkedin users. 

    6. OBSERVE

  • Observe other profiles – what would you add to another person’s profile? What ideas could you apply to your own? Looking at other profiles can help shape what you want yours to look like. (Take a look at the one below for some inspiration!)

    7. IMPORT

  • Import your profile to ChefNetwork – once you’ve completed your Linkedin profile, you can upload the information directly to your ChefNetwork account. 

Mark Anderson LinkedIn Profile - Chef Network



27-10-2018 21:51

Great article, LinkedIn is a powerful platform with a lot of benefits, I've made great new contacts and reconnected with old colleagues. Any Chef who takes their future career seriously should invest time in keeping their profile updated by participating.

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