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"I want to learn more from other Chef's in the industry

This is our Chef Network Blog. Here you'll find lots of different posts from members of the Chef Network Community, including; tips, ideas and plenty of chef stories


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Training Videos

"Hello. I'm new around here.

These videos are designed for learners that are brand new to the Chef Network Community. These videos will teach you the basics so that you can manage your Chef Network Profile with confidence and ease. We also have some videos with different trainers so you can brush up on your cookign techniques and skills


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Chef Network Member Offers

"What offers do you have for members?

Want to know what we have on offer for our Chef Network Members? Here's where you'll find the latest offers from our partner IFSA. Click the button below to see what's on offer from suppliers this month!



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Round Table Topics

"I want to know what's happening in the industry right now

Here you'll find our monthly discussion topic. Every month we'll be talking about something new in the industry. We'll look to you - the community to help us.
Feel free to tell us your thoughts on this months topic and let us know what we should be doing to make the industry better for everyone


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Participate in Chef Network

"How do I get involved in Chef Network

want to get involved in the Chef Network community? Why not start a discussion on our community forum. Don't feel like starting your own conversation, you can reply to ongoing conversations in the Chef Network Open Forum.
Looking to do more? Want to post a blog or get more involved with Chef Network? Email and let us know what you have in mind!