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Chef Network in partnership with Keeling's Select are working to give you updates every month on the latest and freshest fruit & veg coming into season so you can make the best of the seasonal produce on your menu.

Update your menu and utilise the ingredients that will give your the freshest flavour, inspire your team and delight your customers!


The original superfood!

Celery was the avocado of the Victorian era. It was once the 3rd most popular feature in the New York restaurant menu, behind only tea and coffee. Sometimes it was even more expensive than caviar. At one time in the US and the UK, it wasn’t unexpected for people to display celery in vases. The presence of celery on your dinner table was a symbol of affluence and wealth.
The underappreciated necessity!
Celery is one of the staple ingredients in a mirepoix or sofrito. It’s an oft-forgotten player, in soups, sauces and stews. It’s widely recognised as an important base for many hearty dishes, creating a savoury base for a vast collection of meals. It’s an ingredient no kitchen can go without.
Celery while vital in adding depth to dishes also has stand-alone star quality. Dishes like celery soup, braised celery and caponata, provide the opportunity for celery to shine. Not forgetting how celery pairs with apple, bleu cheese and any variety of nuts. It’s punchy almost grassy flavour works well with richer, creamier ingredients like cheeses and nut butters. Plus, it’s signature crunch lends so well to any salad or sandwich.
Celery is often linked with dieting and weight-loss however it impacts more than just one’s waistline. It’s a well-known anti-inflammatory, known to aid with high blood pressure and heart health. Not to mention it’s 95% water and a fantastic source of fibre.

This month's Celery from Keeling's Select comes from Carroll's Produce in Lusk, Dublin.



Rainbow Carrots are the cooler, trendier little sister of your run of the mill orange carrot

With a greater range of flavour and a variety of shades. Every colour of rainbow carrot has its own unique characteristics. Darker purple or deep red carrots are earthier. While paler, yellow and white carrots are sweeter in flavour. This variety in flavour can add uniqueness and depth to a dish. The often-peppery flavour to the darker variety of heirloom carrots can create intricacies within dishes.
These rainbow carrots were brought to the west from Syria by a plant scientist about 35 years ago in an attempt to make regular carrots more resistant to disease. Now, however, these multi-coloured carrots are becoming more and more popular amongst farmers and consumers, due to their many health benefits and fascinating flavour profile in comparison to our regular carrots.
Perhaps the most popular to showcase these carrots is to roast them with a maple or honey glaze. These carrots can also shine raw, in salads where their peppery and vibrant flavour can be highlighted. Not to mention their eye-catching pigments that will make any dish stand out.
Purple carrots contain many anti-inflammatory properties, Yellow carrots like orange carrots contain a high level of lutein which aids vision and eye health. While Red carrots contain lycopene a mineral that reduces the risk of heart disease and some cancers. The super-charged nutrition behind these carrots is undeniable.

This month's Rainbow Carrots at Keeling's Select come from Donnelly's in Naul, Dublin.

Rainbow Carrots


Broccoli often gets a raw deal, with many kids and kitchens condemning as boring and bland

However, what we forget that as well as being a vitamin loaded, superfood powerhouse broccoli is also one of the most versatile vegetables out there.
Even the ancient Romans were clued in on Broccoli’s brilliance! With broccoli as we know it stemming from Ancient Tuscan horticulturalists. It’s a human invention, bred from a type of cabbage. You won’t find any broccoli growing in the wild. In the UK during the 1700s before it was widely known, Broccoli was called “Italian Asparagus”!
The versatility of broccoli knows no limits, with it flourishing when steamed, boiled, stir-fried or deep-fried in a tempura batter.
We often forget to roast broccoli in favour of it’s trendier counterpart Cauliflower! However, broccoli also thrives in the oven, seasoned with garlic and generously drizzled with olive oil. As an Italian vegetable, it shines when paired with Italian flavours like garlic, olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano, regardless of whether it’s sautéed or steamed.
Broccoli is synonymous with good health and for good reason. Full of Vitamin C and Vitamin K, vital nutrients for healthy bones and immunity. It’s also as a green vegetable full of folic acid, it supports healthy development in pregnancy. Broccoli is overflowing with immunity-boosting antioxidants like vitamin C, beta-carotene, selenium, choline zinc, and phosphorus.

This month's Broccoli from Keeling's Select comes from R.Carrick in Rush, Dublin.





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