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The Chef Network Stage Listing promotes collaboration and openness in the industry, supporting learning, development and career progression at all levels. Before culinary training colleges were common, stages were a vital part of how chefs trained. We believe it is still as important as ever today for chefs to be exposed as much as possible to what is happening in different kitchens, to experience not only their culinary expertise but also their management, business model and their kitchen culture.

Why be a Stage host kitchen?

Offering other chefs at all levels the opportunity to experience your kitchen is an important statement about your openness and your willingness to contribute to learning and development in the industry, but also has many benefits for you and your team.

  • Showcase your kitchen and what you do
  • Promote a positive kitchen culture – encouraging your team to welcome others in and share their skills
  • New people bring new ideas – your team can also learn from the stagiaire.
  • Help industry staff retention – we don’t want to lose any chefs from the industry. The opportunity to experience a variety of kitchens gives chefs a greater chance to find the right place for them.
  • Give back – you have no doubt benefited from positive mentoring and experience in your time, now pay it forward!
  • Maybe they will stay – offering stages increases the potential to meet future members of your team.

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Some things to keep in mind if you're considering becoming a Stage Host:

  • Be Prepared to accommodate the stagiaire in your kitchen. Ensure you or a suitable staff member is available to meet them and that they are assigned to shadow a suitable staff member(s) throughout.
  • Clarify the stagiaires expectations in your initial discussions and agree on the terms of the stage prior to the stage beginning.
  • Set time aside to speak with the stagiaire, about the jobs they’ll be working on, who they’ll be working with and give them a brief induction to ensure they are aware of Health & Safety and other relevant policies and understand how your kitchen runs.
  • Treat the stagiaire as an equal to the rest of your kitchen crew, with respect and dignity.
  • Do not treat your stagiaire as a replacement for salaried staff. Stages are for educational purposes only and stagiaires should not be expected to carry out the same duties as paid team members. All tasks assigned should have learning value relative to their skill level.
  • Ensure that all tasks the stagiaire undertakes are reasonably safe and explained well to the stagiaire. Be aware of their skills when you assign them to stations.
  • Try to position stagiaires where they can observe and absorb as much as possible. Encourage team members to explain activities to them. Offer constructive feedback and advice where possible.

All Stage Hosts are asked to review the Chef Network Kitchen Workplace Charter and officially sign their commitment to work in line with the charter principals. You can sign the charter here

If you're interested in being listed on Chef Network as a Stage Host and have read all the points above and signed the charter, please complete the Stage Host form (click the button below to take you to the form). Once complete, a member of our team will review and get in touch with you to finalise the listing.

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Chef Network provides this list for informational purposes only. All stage arrangements are to be made directly between the stage host and prospective stagiaire and any terms & conditions relating to the stage should be mutually agreed between these parties. Chef Network does not form party to any agreement between stage host and stagiaires and accepts no liability for any claims, loss or damage arising from the use of information provided here or from any activities arising from it.
Stages are intended for education and learning purposes only. The stagiaire should not be required to undertake any work other than as part of the training.
The stage host should ensure that the stagiaire receives induction training to advise them on health & safety and other relevant workplace policies and procedures. Stage hosts are responsible for the health and safety of stagiaires while on their premises and should check directly with their own insurance company to ensure that their insurance policy covers them for having trainees.