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Carton Bros is the name of the company that produce Manor Farm chicken. It is one of the oldest family companies in the country and dates back to 1775 when it was trading in the Dublin Markets. Originally in those heady days over 200 years ago, chickens would be brought from the farmyards all around the country to the Dublin Markets and Carton's would sell them on. In later years people would send their live chickens on the train marked for Carton's where they would then be sold and the money would be sent back to the Farmers by return (less a commission of course).

As the years passed, Carton Bros grew substantially as a company and were one of the largest traders in the country. The company diversified and were involved in the import, blending and selling of tea. Indeed Carton Bros had their very own tea experts travelling the length and breadth of the country tasting tea, which would vary considerably depending on the mineral content of the local water. They would then blend the best teas that would taste best in each area. As well as tea, the company sold many other commodities, such as; rabbit, spirits & eggs amongst other things.

In 1956 Manor Farm introduced the chicken as we know it today into Ireland. Chicken was now more accessible to more people and quickly became very popular. The original factory for the company was in the heart of Dublin located in the Market area but moved in 1970 to a custom built factory in the heart of Cavan in a small village called Shercock on the shores of Lough Sillan.

Manor Farm is the chicken brand of Carton Bros. The company is now in the 8th generation of the Carton family with Vincent Carton currently Managing Director. Proud of its Irishness, the company employs 824 people directly, contracts a further 160 farmers and gives indirect employment to many more throughout the 26 counties. Manor Farm is also committed to the Love Irish Food campaign which will guarantee to the consumer that Irish products are kept on the shelves and will keep jobs in Ireland.

During the 1950’s, Manor Farm was the first to bring the chicken we know today into Ireland and laid the foundations for the chicken industry that now exists. During that period most chickens were grown in the countryside, mainly in Co. Monaghan and transported to Dublin for slaughtering. Nowadays Manor Farm – with its unique plant number IE 803 EC - has one of the most modern processing facilities in Europe, producing up to 600,000 birds per week at its home in the heart of Co. Cavan. The company supplies its Irish customers from all the major supermarkets, local stores and butchers as well as supplying foreign markets through exports. 

Manor Farm retains total control over all stages of the chicken production process - all here in Ireland. We have our own feed mill producing dedicated poultry feed only, whilst the contracted hatchery is Irish Department of Agriculture approved, ACP registered and adheres to all guidelines laid down by Manor Farm. Our contracted farmers grow only for Manor Farm and must comply with all the processes and guidelines that we have defined to grow the best chickens possible. Indeed, our production plant at Shercock has recently completed a major €13m overhaul and is now one of the most modern and sophisticated in Europe.

Consistent within Manor Farm at all times is a dedication to Quality and the production of unique and very tasty chicken products from the best chicken that we produce ourselves.
Some Manor Farm facts:
1775 – the year that Manor Farm was established.
824 – number of Manor Farm employees.
160 contracted farmers.
€224m company turnover - 90% of which is spent in the 26 counties.