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Here at Santa Maria we are passionate about helping you discover new recipes and spice combinations from around the globe, speak to one of our SPICE NERDZ…AKA Foodservice team to bring your dishes to life! Spices and herbs are not created equal, the difference in quality, taste and flavour is huge so why have mediocre when you can have Maria…..Santa Maria that is!



Introducing Pulled Oats® by Gold&Green. We know how to make a totally world-class plant-based option to traditional proteins. Pulled Oats® is a super versatile, super delicious and easy-to-use product that’s got tons of amazing qualities. Pulled Oats® is made in Finland and 100% plant-based, which is why it’s the perfect choice for everyone from hard-core vegans to not-so-sure flexitarians. The vegetarian game changer; a plant-based protein made from mixing oats, broad beans and peas. That’s it. But the mix is just... revolutionary. Without using soy, lactose, preservatives or any other additives.