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Salty Dog Hotel & Bistro


Occaisionally pull the whites on ... more often it is battling away with the keyboard trying to increase the revenue or decrease the costs.  An old boss once said to me to ensure the success of your business employ people better than you ... and that is what I do with my Chefs.

With a commitmnet to training and developing young chefs our kicthens are always open to placements, stages, work experience and aything else we can do to change the reputation of the industry.  My personal goal is to make the Hospitality & catering Sector a first choice career rathern than (as it often is) a last choice.

I have put together a government funded (local and national) Bridge to Employment program for North Down for a group of independent restaurants and hope to share the learning once we have first tranche complete. I also sit on the Sectoral Skills Council advising on the new qualifications frameworks for chefs and others in the hospitality industry.