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A BETTER INDUSTRY: Chefs Round Tables
Dublin 02 Oct | Killarney 09 Oct | Kilkenny 16 Oct



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Everyone knows that the shortage of chefs is biting big time.

When Chef Network was set-up we made retaining and attracting chefs key amongst our objectives.

To do this we believe we need to do 2 things:

  • make our industry a better place to work
  • shout about what’s great about being a chef


We’ve had enough of the negativity. It’s up to us chefs to commit to the future of our profession – by making kitchens great workplaces and by telling the world why we do what we do. Yes it can be tough, and people need to realise that those at the top worked damn hard to get there, but there’s also lots of positive reasons why chefs do what they do and we need to start telling those stories.


In one of our early gatherings to develop Chef Network, chefs suggested creating a Charter for a Better Kitchen Workplace, a set of principles that the whole team can commit to, guidelines for creating an environment built on respect, learning and a place people are happy to come to work.


This might be the most important things we have done yet!

This October, in partnership with Noel Group, we are inviting you to join fellow chefs in creating this charter and committing to how we can make our kitchens great places to work, as well as sharing your passion for what you do and helping us tell the story of why this is a great industry.


Gather with fellow chefs in Dublin, Killarney or Kilkenny to share some food and spend 2 focused hours around the table sharing ideas and bringing our collective brainpower and creativity to the most pressing questions for our industry – how to we keep and attract chefs?!


We will use your ideas and input to build the Charter and a collaborative platform for chefs to share ways of achieving the principles.

We will also run a Student-Industry forum on 6 November on IT Tallaght, inviting all of the Institutes of Technology who train chefs to send a lecturer and student.

The work at this event and the Round Tables will culminate in our Kitchen Culture event in LinkedIn Dublin on 20 November where we will invite members, industry, relevant industry groups and state bodies, and media to tell them about the commitment of chefs to creating a better industry and about why we all need to join forces in telling a positive story about our profession.


2 Oct - Dublin Round Table

The first of our Chef's Round Tables takes place in The Westbury Hotel in Dublin

Join us for a complimentary networking breakfast before we begin to discuss the topics of the day.



9 Oct - Killarney Round Table

The second of our Chef's Round Tables takes place in The Brehon, Killarney

Join us for a complimentary networking long table lunch before we begin to discuss the topics of the day.

16 Oct - Kilkenny Round Table

The last of our Chef's Round Tables takes place in Mount Juliet Estate, Kilkenny

Join us for a complimentary networking breakfast before we begin to discuss the topics of the day.

Following this event, participants have the option of joining us on our Producer Visits to both Goatsbridge Trout Farm & Highbank Orchard with lunch at Mount Juliet in between



In Partnership with Noel Group

At a time where the shortage of chefs has reached estimated figures of up to 8,000 on a nationwide basis, Noel Recruitment provide a staffing solution that offers a life line to kitchen teams stretched to breaking point.

Our Consultants based in a network of offices around the country are themselves industry professionals who understand the needs of our clients, and match those to their teams of chefs. Our chefs have gained their experience in many different aspects of the hospitality sector, both in Ireland and abroad, and are matched in accordance with their suitability.

Our service is catered to the individual needs of the client, with bookings taken from 4 hours to longer term, and permanent placement. Our Consultants work closely with our clients to ensure their standards are met and consistent with their established culinary offering.

At Noel Group we offer over 20 years’ experience supplying over 2000 staff daily to Irish businesses.

Noel Group have partnered with Chef Network to work with Industry leading professionals to give a better understanding of what skill sets and different qualifications are required to work with in the different sectors of the industry. We would like to build on the platforms of Education and Upskilling through training and development with Chef Network.
We at Noel Group are very passionate about the Hospitality sector and believe these round table sessions will give us all an insight as to what will be required in the future to keep Chefs engaged and retained in the industry.

Visit our website to learn more