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Cricketers arms


I believe in food, good food.
Food that makes you happy,
food that is simple, modern and tasty.
Food that sells.
I believe in my food

Exceptionally versatile Melbourne born chef, working in and around Victoria, Australia for over 10 years, within a variety of sized high volume and renowned kitchens. Specialising in modern Australian pub fare with an emphasis on modern Mexican cuisine and dabbling in American BBQ. Using fresh and sustainable produce. With a track record in maintaining COG’s while ensuring high quality standards and is very focused on maximizing profitability of the kitchen.

There’s nothing extraordinary about my food philosophy, just a love of ingredients, a respect for those who grow them and a passion for sharing the results with people. I believe in well-presented dishes and giving diners a special experience with flavours, textures and aromas that they wouldn’t come across every day.

Quite simply though, the less the ingredient has to travel, the better quality it is. And, due to the symbiotic nature of chef and supplier, the closer your relationship the better chance you have of suppliers taking the time to share the secrets of their ingredients.