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Coming from the charming and historical county of Normandie (Caen), I start my career in French Air Force where I spend 10 very exciting years, but my real passion was food and specially breads. So I learn the art of bakery at 26 years old and my passion was confirmed: I literally felt in love with bread craft.
I own my bakery in a very little Normand village for 5 years, where I gained experience in all aspect of artisan bread and viennoiserie (croissant & danish).

Time to share my experience and passion came and I become a baker for a very well renown french milling company near Chartres. During my 6 years within this company, my jobs consisted to advise our customers on flour use and share our experience in innovative baking process; not so innovative in fact ; we came back 50 years earlier to the roots : long fermentation based either on sourdough or in low yeast content.
For professional purpose, I have visited hundreds of artisan bakeries, where I learned a lot more than I could expect even if, initially I came to show them our corporate baking process
It was also during this period that I discovered the Irish bakery on the occasion of the European bakery cup of bakery in 2005.

12 years ago, chances of life have made it an opportunity for my family to come and live in Ireland. So I work for a few company around Dublin, where I learned again: new techniques, new customers expectations etc..

Finally, a bread lover: William d'Espard, owner of The Bretzel Bakery, gave me the opportunity to share my experience with his wonderful team.