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Switching Roles, Not Switching Off

After over 20 years working as a Chef, my most recent venture was the role of Head Chef in the Central Bar in Navan, Co. Meath: a multi award winning establishment and great place to work. Like everybody else in the hospitality industry, the Central closed its doors temporarily due to the...

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STUDENT BLOG: You’re Never Too Old To Start Something New – A Mature Student’s Perspective on Entering the Industry Later in Life

Having finished school and deciding to pursue to a career in holistic studies and healthcare, I never dreamed I would end up in the weird and wonderful world of kitchens, surrounded by eclectic characters and the sounds of sizzling and buzzing on a regular basis. It was during a nightshift in...

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STUDENT BLOG: Being a Student Chef During COVID-19

I was approached by Chef Network to write a blog on what it is like to be a student chef in 2020/2021. I felt I could not just represent my own feelings in writing this blog, so I decided to also put a call out to my class group. I wanted to know what my classmates felt about learning online in...

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DEALING WITH COVID IN MY KITCHEN Chefs and restaurants have been crucial in taking a leading role in the current pandemic. With Covid-19 still actively changing the definition of normal to the “new normal”, most industries are rushing to adjust their business activities to stay safe and...

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