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Kitchen Culture | Meet the Chef - Lee McDonagh

MEET THE CHEFS & TEAMS OF IRELAND’S PROFESSIONAL KITCHENS, WITH CHEF NETWORK The Chef Network community brings together all chefs across Ireland. In a new regular column featured in the Hotel & Restaurant Times we will meet some of those members and hear from them what inspires...

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Starting as a Culinary Arts student in Ireland.

I’ve searched high and low for information, articles, stories from people who’ve gone to college in Ireland and studied Culinary Arts, there is not much at all to be found! Whether or not it’s the fact there are not many success stories, or people just don’t want to share them, I really don’t...

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An Irish Chef in Paris - Why every chef should work in a French kitchen

An Irish chef in Paris. Evan O'Ceallaigh; "most chefs don't have a good understanding of classic cooking" I was asked to write a piece for Chef Network Ireland about my experiences of moving to France. Well, I’m not going to talk about the restaurant that I’m working in or nothing...