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Saving a Planet

“ Sustainability, Local food, Seasonal, Fresh, No waste, Education, better farming ” These are all words that we hear about every day in our kitchens, read about in newspapers, magazines and social media. Sometimes you can feel that they are just buzz words that people use and with very little...

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LOCAL AND SEASONAL??? Every restaurant in Ireland seems to be shouting about the above 3 words, but what does it all mean? I have eaten out of season Grouse in Dublin, Mackerel in Clare, and Strawberries everywhere! I have seen restaurants with ‘local’ written on the window serving prawns...

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Tackling Food Waste: Cooking with By-Products

People always try to make the most of what they buy so food shouldn’t be any different, especially ingredients coming into your kitchen everyday. Making use of the entire produce is not as difficult as it may seem; us, chefs, do it on a daily basis to a certain extent, it is in our...

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From Farm to Table: The Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs of Sustainable Sourcing

THE TRIALS, TRIBULATIONS, AND TRIUMPHS OF SUSTAINABLE SOURCING I started cooking in Germany when I was 17. The way Germany approaches the economics of kitchen waste and recycling was way ahead of any other country. Every bit of waste was recycled or sorted in some way. A sustainable...

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Sustainability to keep things going, a challenge to keep you going

Sustainability at 3fe We've been making a move towards sustainability here in 3fe of late. It's something that's always been in the back of our mind and we probably do a lot of it without thinking already, like recycling our waste and using locally sourced suppliers, but we think that making a...