Who We Are


We are Chef Network

An exciting professional network connecting all chefs throughout Ireland

We are inclusive

Bringing together chefs from all sectors, at all stages of their careers, to communicate, collaborate, share and innovate.

So whether you’re a student starting out, or an experienced chef with many years behind you, if cooking is your career, Chef Network is for you.

We are focused

On education & training, business development and professional development. 

We want to foster greater cooperation and engagement between Ireland’s Chefs so that they can take the lead in driving the industry forward at this exciting time in Ireland’s culinary journey.

Working together, our aims are to:
- Attract and Retain chefs in the industry
- Improve standards of training, recognising the industry's key role in this and encouraging greater collaboration with the education sector, 
- Promote and Maintain culinary skills. 

We believe the drive for all this must come from chefs themselves.

We are proud

Of the camaraderie in Ireland’s chef community. We hope to build on this, encouraging chefs to work together, learn from each other and share knowledge, ideas & resources.

We are supported

By IFSA, the Irish Foodservice Suppliers Alliance, and developed in consultation with leading chefs from across all industry sectors in Ireland North and South, under the leadership of Ruth Hegarty, Head of Community for Chef Network. 

We will work

On an on-going basis with a cross-sectoral advisory council of chefs to ensure Chef Network remains relevant and useful to chefs. The Chef members themselves who will dictate the shape that Chef Network takes and what activity they want to see.

We need you

To be part of Chef Network. Chef Network is for every chef across Ireland - every level, every sector, every regions.

Take your seat at the table. Join us now to shape the development of your new professional network. 


Have any questions or need more information, you can email info@chefnetwork.ie 


We have been building our Chef Community over the past 2 years and as we keep growing & developing we want to tell you about all the events, training and projects we are doing to connect chefs, make our industry better, and promote the career - and how you can get involved.

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